9 Coffee Puns For Your Next Coffee Date

9 Coffee Puns Guaranteed To Spruce Up Your Next Coffee Date

Who doesn’t love a good pun? The world of coffee is full of them.

At Alowishus, we can certainly say that we are at the source of all coffee puns. Yes, we hear them every day of the week and there’s rarely one we haven’t heard before. To be fair, some are funnier than others (and some must have originated sometime in the 80’s), but here’s a list of our all-time favourite coffee-related puns you can use to make your coffee date a little more fun – or should we say “pun”?

1. “I am glad we are talking about it, cause I’ve been brewing over it for days”

There’s not too much that a good cup of coffee can’t improve. If you’ve had something on your mind, this one is a good one to use with a friend.  Enjoying a good conversation about it over your coffee can really help ease your mind. Alowishus is here to help! ;)

2. “Better Latte than never”

Has your coffee taken a little longer? Then this might be a good one to use with your barista and make him or her feel a little better when under the pump.

3. “C’mon and chai new things”

We all know those people who try one or two items from the menu and tend to stick to what they know works for them? (*hands up*) Next time you’re ordering with them, try this one on them and see if they branch out a little and chai something new. You never know, they might find a new favourite!

4. “Affogato your name, sorry”

Names… If you are one of those people who can barely remember a person’s name, this one’s for you. Because if that person happens to be your local barista, it could get a little awkward. You should really know their name by now! Here’s a funny way to get you out of that pickle.

5. “Did you build this cafe from the ground up?”

This is a particularly good one to use when chatting to our owner, Tracey. Be sure to wink so she knows you’ve bean extremely punny. Tracey has even written a blog post about how Alowishus came about! Check it out here.

6. “I can’t espresso how much you bean to me”

This is a great one to tell your barista handing over your first cuppa of the day. Eyes will probably roll, or a huge smile (or both), but if you’re anything like me – everyone will be safe now because you have your coffee. Alternatively, you can use this one on a hot date… or secretly whisper it to your coffee (no judgement here).

7. “What’s up, brew?”

Alowishus is the perfect place to catch up with mates over a cuppa. Check in with a good friend by casually asking how they’re going with this one.

8. “How did-ccino?”

Our serving staff are pretty incredible when it comes to remembering our regular customers and their fav orders. If you have enjoyed your fair share of Alowishus, you might be surprised when they start greeting you by name and asking you if you’d like your usual. You can always throw this pun out there when that happens (if it hasn’t already).

9. “Don’t worry, be frappe

Someone having a bad day? Show them you care by treating them to a drink, maybe even a  hug and this pun. This one works best if you hand the frappe over at the same time. You’re welcome.

Well, there you have it. Our list of 9 timeless classics when it comes to coffee puns.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Use at your own risk! We will not take responsibility for spilled coffees (or permanently damaged baristas through the use of these puns).

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