9 Important Tips To Help You Carry Out A Successful Meeting/Training

Corporate meetings and trainings can be particularly stressful; but, imagine if you’re the one planning them, especially if you’ve never done it before. You may feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Stop! The planning of these events doesn’t have to be so intimidating.

With a little help, you can ensure that the corporate meeting/training you’ve put together will go off with little to no hitch – ensuring productivity for everyone involved.

9 Tips To Help You Effectively Plan Your Corporate Meetings/Trainings

When it comes to setting the corporate meeting space up, there are nine things you need to remember in order for the meeting/training to be a positive experience.

1. Arrange The Space

If you’re going to use speakers or projector, you want everybody to be able to hear or see your presentation. If a limited number can see and hear you, then how effective is the meeting going to be? Have someone help you with sound checks in order to ensure the speakers are working, and have them stand at the back of the room to determine if they can see the information on the projector.

2. Learn The Technology You’ll Be Using

If you’re going to use equipment you’ve rarely or never used before, it’s a good idea to give yourself a brief lesson on how they work. When setting up the technology, be sure it’s plugged in, has new batteries, etc.

3. Adjusting The Temperature

Ensure the temperature of the space is adjusted so people feel comfortable and will want to listen. During the cold weather, turn up the heat to a temperature people will feel comfortable with. During hot weather, you want to have fans or the air conditioning unit going so people don’t get too hot. If you feel the space it too cold or hot, your attendees will feel that way too.

4. Lay Out The Seating and Tables

Be sure the space has enough chairs/tables for your attendees find more. You don’t want your guests to have to stand because you didn’t have enough chairs. Be sure there’s space between each person – overcrowding makes things uncomfortable for everybody.

5. Bring In Power Strips For Their Electronics

Be sure you give your attendees wall outlet access or provide them with power strips to plug their devices in – tablets, computers, cell phones, etc. This will help boost the productivity and collaboration of the meeting/training. Do you really want people to have battery problems while you’re mentioning something important?

6. Get Copies Of Meeting Documents

If you’re going to present information to your attendees, consider copying the documents for them to look at for themselves. You can give the information via email so they can look at it on their devices or print and hand it out during the meeting.

7. Offer Pens and Paper For Note Taking

Many people still like the idea of taking notes – and if they’re not a fast typer – they may be a fast writer. Offer your attendees pen and paper to take notes. You want to be sure that everybody is productive.

8. Offer Coffee, Tea and/or Water

In order for attendees to stay productive and awake during the meeting/training, make sure offer beverages such as coffee, tea and/or water so they stay hydrated.

9. Make Time For Meal/Snack Breaks

Your brain is going to need food in order to function properly during a meeting – your attendees are the same way. Therefore, be sure you offer snacks and schedule in breaks/lunchtime so they can stop their growling stomach, maintain high energy levels and keep their brains functioning on full power mode. By doing this, they’re going to feel taken care of and want to be involved with the meeting process. If you are looking for a corporate caterer in Bundaberg we would love to be of help. Have your complimentary catering sample selection delivered to your office. Order your FREE ample pack now.

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