We’re Going Yellow to Help Our Homeless

On Friday, August 9th 2019 Alowishus in Bundaberg and Maryborough will once again be joining hundreds of cafes and coffee roasters for CaféSmart, a united effort to help homeless people in communities around Australia.

CaféSmart is an initiative of the great people at StreetSmart – Action Against Homelessness

Why We Love Being Part of CaféSmart

On any given night in Australia over 115,000 people are homeless – often through circumstances beyond their control. We believe everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home.

The funds raised through CaféSmart come back to local service providers such as Edon Place Women’s Shelter here in Bundaberg. This is a way to make a real difference in our local community at the grassroots level.

We have been involved for eight years now. Last year we raised $1113.70 between both stores which came back to help people in Bundaberg and Maryborough.

It’s Super Easy to Help Out

Do you like to drink our coffee?

We are going to assume that’s a ‘Yes’. So, all you need to do is buy a coffee (or any other hot drink) on August 9 th and we will give $1 to CaféSmart.

Can you afford an extra dollar?

You don’t have to, but we will be asking customers if they’d like to match our dollar with one of their own.

It’s that easy.

What Else Are We Doing?

The theme colour for CaféSmart is yellow, so to help raise awareness we will be dressing in yellow.

But we won’t stop there… we will have yellow cupcakes for sale with $1 from each of them also going to CaféSmart also.

Finally, Post Your Pics on Social Media

On the day, you can help let others know about this important cause by posting your coffee and cupcakes with the hashtag #helpyourhood

Let’s do something together to help the vulnerable in our community. We’d love to see you for coffee, a cupcake, or both on Friday, August 9th 2019.

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The Evolution of Alowishus in Coffee Cups

A cool takeaway coffee cup is a must for any cafe. After all, people will see where you got your coffee when you walk down the street, when you’re waiting at the traffic lights, and when you get back to the office.

For you, our customers, when you carry our brand with you, you’re saying that not only do you love a good coffee, but you chose Alowishus Delicious.

We totally respect that.

That’s why we pay attention to detail and why we have made sure that even our takeaway cups are a true reflection of our brand values.

Alowishus Coffee Cup Design 2019

Alowishus Coffee Cup Design 2019


So, what’s our latest cup design all about?

Here are 4 things you’ll notice about our latest takeaway cups

First things first…

1. The ‘A’ logo

The ‘A’ has become recognisable and hasn’t changed over the years.

2. Green & Black Leaves

Look carefully and you will see that the leaves are the same as the tiny ones in our curly ‘A’. The colours are associated with our brand but they also signify freshness and being environmentally responsible. Green is also associated with fair-trade products which we embrace and support where we can.

3. It’s a good day!

We wanted our slogan to be a positive message for you to take with you, so you feel good (about yourself and us). It’s a reminder that you can find something good in each and every day.

4. Social Bits

A few subtle reminders to check us out on social media, hashtag us in your coffee posts, and claim your free coffee by subscribing to the Alowishus Good News Family.

5. Enviro-Friendly

Something that hasn’t changed for about four years. We use 100% biodegradable and compostable cups that are PLA lined instead of oil lined. PLA stands for polylactic acid, a plant-based product that will disappear completely when composted.


The Alowishus Coffee Cup Evolution

You could really say that the design of our cups has been a reflection of the lessons we have learned in business over the years. Our early cups didn’t say too much about us. One of them was even just a plain brown cup with our ‘A’ logo on it.

Subsequent cups have featured our logo and brand colours. Our previous design had all the same info as the new design but looking back, didn’t quite capture what it means to be ‘Alowishus’.

Alowishus Coffee Cup Design 2017

Alowishus Coffee Cup Design 2017

Alowishus Coffee Cup Design 2017

Cup design before our updated branding

We think the latest design really encapsulates our brand values: Fun, fast & friendly.

That’s a big job for a coffee cup but we think it does it pretty well. What are your thoughts? Do you like the latest cup design? Let us know in the comments below!

So, the next time you get your takeaway coffee at Alowishus, know that we really appreciate you helping us share our passion for great coffee and doing good in the world.

And always remember… It’s a good day!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Alowishus Making A Difference In The World Of Waste

war on waste

In the past several months, Alowishus has further increased its efforts in the recycling arena. We have been trying extra hard to always sing to the tune of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and have further reduced waste to landfill by two whole industrial bins per week.

That’s a whopping 156 cubic metres a year, NOT going into landfill.

With a saving in waste collection dollars of over $3000 this is great for the Environment AND Alowishus, but not so great for the Waste Collection Company.

How we did this

We have changed many things within our business and in the ways we work with our local suppliers. Furthermore, we partnered with some great other local businesses to further reduce our waste.

war on waster

  • We’ve partnered with Splitters Farm to collect our food waste.  They have provided us with branded, coloured wheelie bins and collect the scraps daily. Be sure to follow them on insta @splittersfarm
  • The team at the Endeavour Foundation are collecting our used coffee grounds for their worm farm and apparently the worms are LOVING the caffeine
  • JJ Richards recycling collect our cardboard for processing twice a week – and BOY! Do we get a lot of cardboard, literally, truck loads of it
  • Our daughter Ally collects all the 10c eligible containers that are left at Alowishus (a budding entrepreneur).  She did cash flow projections and with compounding interest factored in, she has calculated she can save $20K by the time she’s 18.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!
  • We recycle our Honey Pales back to our local supplier, Hummock Honey and he passes them back onto groups for non food use
  • All food pales that come in are given away to people who reuse them for various things, from crafts to water bowls for their animals.
  • Our egg trays (and there are loads of them), are taken for all sorts of reasons, from people who have chickens, to kindy classes and musicians attempting to sound proof their studios.
  • Our 20 litre drums are also given away for repurposing as they are emptied.
  • All eligible plastics are placed into a JJ Richards Co-Mingle recycling bin and are processed back through the Bundaberg Regional Council Waste Management Facility. Milk bottles, cans and dressing bottles are among the bin load of plastics recycled on a weekly basis.
  • Doing all of this has reduced the number of garbage bags we use from around 500 a month, down to 300!  And we are still working on reducing further.


Unfortunately the $3000 a year we have saved on waste management will be taken from us by the State Government come the first of July 2019.  The Labor Government are introducing a controversial Waste Management ‘levy’ of $75 per tonne and this is set to increase annually by $5.  This ‘levy’, which in reality is a TAX, is predicted to generate $1.3 billion in revenue, of which a mere $150 million will go into developing Qld’s recycling industries or into helping our environment.

Read State MP David Batt’s address to parliament here

Where is the other $1,150,000,000 ($1.15B) going?  That is the same question I’m asking?

Believe me, I’m all for:

  • helping the environment
  • recycling
  • and improving our waste management

I just don’t think that this so called ‘waste levy’ will be effective in helping the environment, not when less than 10% of it is actually going to the environment.

That’s just my opinion ………

What are your thoughts on the matter?




2018 Cafe of the Year Winners below – To vote for Alowishus Delicious in 2019 click here

Cafe of the Year Alowishus Delicious 2018

Cafe of the Year Alowishus Delicious 2018

Taken from Countrywide Cafe of the Year 

What our 2018 CW Café of the Year winner had to say about winning!

Last year the CW Café of the Year 2018 title went to Alowishus Delicious of Bundaberg, Queensland. We recently caught up with owner, Tracey McPhee to ask her about her experience last year and what taking out the title and $25,000 top prize meant to her and her team.

Tracey said “the whole team at Alowishus Delicious were engaged and proactive during the promotion and it created a great sense of camaraderie. It really brought the team together”.

Cafés registered this year should make sure they get their customers involved and use social media to get lots of exposure just like Alowishus Delicious did in 2018. When the winner was announced Tracey explained “it was just thrilling, everyone was so excited, my heart was racing. We had a great response from the community too who had followed our journey and were wanting to congratulate us”.

With the winnings Alowishus Delicious hosted a big post-Christmas party and have also purchased a much-anticipated cake fridge. What would your café do if they were to win the $25,000 prize in 2019? Register today at www.cwcafeoftheyear.com.au/cafe/register

Vote for us for 2019.  If Alowishus wins this year we are donating $5,000 each to these two local charities:

Angels Community Group in Bundaberg and The Food Basket in Maryborough

A little bit about Angels Community Group:  Angels Community Group, a registered charity & community-based organisation, was formed in April 2015 when founding members Kerri Savidge and Sue Tasker realised the power that comes from giving people a purpose. This has been accomplished by creating a supportive environment where people experiencing a sense of loss (the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship or even the loss of identity or life direction) are able to achieve or regain the confidence and skills necessary to lead meaningful social and economic lives through personal growth, a sense of worth, friendship and social networks, career development, productive employment and long-term financial stability.

A passionate organisation dedicated to giving back to the community, we are committed to extending our range of social enterprises and charitable projects into the future. This spirit of giving is championed by our Board, staff and volunteers and in addition to transforming lives (our own included), we wholeheartedly believe in new beginnings, broadened horizons, seizing opportunities and smashing stigmas. We also live by our motto that you help yourself by helping others!

Vote for us here


Shots Fired Outside of Local Maryborough Cafe

Upon passing through the regional town of Maryborough, I couldn’t help but notice groups of stalls lined up within the town centre. Needing a break, I pulled the car over and decided to check out what the small town had to offer and look for a good little Maryborough cafe.

The Maryborough Markets

While small, the Maryborough markets had an eclectic mix of stalls, friendly people and community atmosphere. I was in the middle of inspecting some of the local produce when out the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a man who looked like he was from the 1850’s. “I must be delusional” I thought, “I need coffee”.

The smell of cooking food filled the air and my stomach started to grumble.
 Turning around and picking up my pace, I stumbled across a buzzing, charming little café called ‘Alowishus Delicious’.

Taking a seat, it didn’t take long before my coffee and meal were placed in front of me. I looked at the corn fritters like a creature about to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.


 The sound of a gun goes off and my heart leaps out of my chest. Turning my head, I realised I was in fact, not delusional and two people in 1850’s costumes were standing beside a freshly fired cannon.

After I was fed and much more alert, I decided to do some investigating. I approached the couple full to the brim with curiosity – why was it that a CANNON was just fired?! Right here, in the middle of Maryborough?

Firing of Maryborough’s Time Cannon

The woman, Carmel Murdoch, explained that the time cannon was originally discovered, buried in sand on the Torres Strait island of Mobiag Island by the Premier of Queensland, John Douglas in 1877.

Being a ‘port of entry’, Maryborough had many people that came from all over the world that were used to different time zones. Firing a cannon, at the traditional time of 1pm, would notify the workers in the fields that it was time for lunch, allow the ship’s captains to reset their chronometers before they sailed out to sea, and the rest of the township could reset their clocks.

The cannon was fired up until 1898 when there was a depression and due to the lack of funds to pay for someone to fire and to pay for the shot itself, they ceased to do it every day and only reserved it for official occasions.

In 1988, when the World Expo was coming to Brisbane, it was thought to fire the cannon at a pavilion called “communities of Australia” for tourism purposes. It was then that it was discovered that the original cannon was cast in the 1750’s by the Dutch East India Company and so a few replicas were quickly made before the original cannon was placed in the Bond Store Museum in Wharf Street where it is still to this day.

Today, a replica of the cannon is fired to pay homage to the history and heritage of Maryborough.

I slowly made my way back to the car to continue my journey and thinking about all the new discoveries I had made. A good feed for a reasonable price and a viewing of the past: now that’s what I call a bang for your buck!

When you’re in Maryborough next, make sure to visit Alowishus Delicious (Maryborough’s best-rated cafe)! If you’re fast, you can even grab a free coffee on their website here: https://alowishus.com.au/free/

NEXT: Explore the Maryborough Markets

Why We Started Alowishus – The 2nd Instalment

I had so many people ask for the next instalment of my ‘Why We Started Alowishus‘ blog post. To be very honest, I didn’t think too many people would be interested in reading something I’d blogged. I have never been more wrong in my life (except for when I thought we’d be quiet in that first week of opening).

The first time the original blog post went out on social media, we had a record number of hits on our website.

More recently, we posted the story again and I have since received many requests to continue telling the story of how we got started and also where the name ‘Alowishus’ came from.

I’ve been asked to speak on many occasions to fellow business owners, peers and students on various topics. It doesn’t matter what I’ve been called to speak about, in the Q&A sessions at the end, I’m always asked without exception, “How did you come up with the name, Alowishus Delicious?”.

So, where did the name come from?

I really truly wish I had an amazing story to tell you about discovering the name. And I really truly wish I could tell you it was my idea…

However, it wasn’t.  

My strengths don’t come in the form of amazing ideas or creativity.  My strengths come in my ability to push through, work hard, compartmentalise my life and systemise the back-end of things.

Sometime in early June 2011, Mike came home from work and told me he had a name for the sandwich bar (that’s what we used to call it before we opened). 

He explained a few points to me:

  • It had to be a better name than McPhee’s Cafe
  • It needed to start with the letter A, so it came at the top in directories and lists of similar businesses
  • He wanted something that was quirky and catchy
  • Something that said it was a café or food business without using the words coffee or café 
  • No coffee bean puns or play on words involving tea or coffee were allowed either

“Ok, so what is it”, I asked? 

“ALOWISHUS DELICIOUS” (we didn’t have the spelling at that stage).

I immediately loved it!

I said to Mike, “We rarely agree on things, so why don’t we we just run with it?”

So, for the next several days we mucked around with the spelling. ‘ALOWISHIOUS’ was on the cards, but then we settled on ‘ALOWISHUS DELICIOUS’ and on the 23rd June 2011, I officially registered the business name. This was six long months before we even opened our doors.

Next, we needed a logo.  I suggested green, with red as the secondary colour, along with a leafy flourish and the two words, one on top of the other.  I shared my idea with Mike and he said that was basically what he had in mind. (Possibly, he was just trying to bolster my confidence to come up with good ideas.)

BUT again we agreed and we just ran with it.

We then enlisted the help of a good friend, Roxanne, who now runs her own graphic design company – 44 Creative.  We explained our concept and she got to work and came up with a few designs. We liked them, but they didn’t immediately grab us. 

We had actually already decided on the one we would go with, when Rox said she just wanted to make a couple more little changes.

You even helped us choose, when we asked for your opinion on Facebook in September 2011. Here’s the original post.

What she sent through is still in use today and WE LOVE IT! We’ve ditched the red and changed the green a little. And these days the Alowishus ‘A’ (as it is now known) has become widely recognised in Bundy and Maryborough. In more recent branding & marketing activities, we have simplified it even further and been using black and white versions of our logos.

The Alowishus ‘A’ is also featured on our reusable coffee cups which we recently introduced to help reduce waste. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint and do everything we can to contribute to a cleaner environment. You can read more about it in our post about War On Waste – 10 Things Alowishus Delicious Is Doing For The Environment.

We opened with a team of five, plus Mike’s brother, who helped us set up the coffee machine and was baristaring for us in the very first week.  Two of those team members are still with us seven years on.  Another one has gone on to open his own café in Bargara (many of you will know Matt from The Journey) and the fourth completed her uni degree a couple of years ago and became a school teacher (she’s currently expecting her first bub).

So much has happened over the years and our team has grown from 5 to over 60 (including our Maryborough Store and Bert’s, our most recent venture). It’s mind blowing in so many ways. I really wish I had kept a diary of all the amazing ‘God’ moments that have happened throughout the Alowishus journey, as there have really been so so many.

Writing this post, I’ve been going through old photos of our progress, and of our team members past and present. It’s been a fun afternoon reminiscing.  Stay tuned for the next instalment (but don’t hold your breath, it could take me another year to write it).

Thank you so much for your support and for being a part of our success.



Watch What The Alowishus Team Prepared For Tracey On Her Birthday!

Our Passionate Baristas & Their Favourite Latte Art

At Alowishus, we absolutely love great coffee. That love for coffee is something we always seek when selecting new members for our growing team of passionate baristas. We believe that without a genuine passion, it’s hard to make a quality cup of coffee. And quality and consistency are two of our highest values.

In this post, we’d like to introduce you to some of our best baristas (and their favourite latte art), in case you haven’t met them yet. So next time you’re in and see one of these faces, you’ll know a little more about your favourite Alowishus barista.


Hi, I’m Tyler! I’ve been making coffee for almost 8 years and now work at Alowishus Maryborough.
The thing I enjoy most about being a barista is the interaction with the customers and supplying them with their morning brew. I love when people notice, appreciate and comment on the coffee made with love. I also really enjoy being able to make myself an awesome coffee each day. May favourite latte art patterns are the swan and the rosetta. 


Hey, I’m Brendan, barista at Alowishus in Bundaberg. I’ve been making coffee for a little over a year now, I started in October 2017. What I love most about being a barista? The people. You get to have a chat with everyone, you can banter with the regulars (whose orders you know by heart), you get to build relationships, and most importantly, you get to experience the joy they have on their faces as they enjoy their first sip of heaven’s nectar. Trying out new latte art styles is also really fun! I do a bit of a mix of a rosetta (leaf) but bring it around the side of the cup and it creates a nice little squiggle that looks like a fern, then I drop a little heart or something in the middle and it looks like it’s hanging from the top of it.


My name is Chloe and you might have seen me at Alowishus in Bundaberg. I’ve been making coffee for about 2 years now. I love the work environment, talking to the people I work with, as well as getting to know our customers. Surprising customers by remembering their orders is always fun! I love making them feel welcome. My favourite latte art pattern to create is the rosetta because it’s a challenge and I enjoy trying to perfect it.


Hi, I’m Shane and I work at Alowishus in Bundaberg. I started making coffee a bit over a year ago. What I love most about being a barista is that each coffee is kind of its own piece of art. Each coffee is unique in its own way. I like that it’s a fast-paced environment, it’s entertaining and never boring! My favourite latte art design is definitely the heart. It’s a simple, yet unique design.


Hi, I’m Claire – or Clur as my team calls me (basically, it’s like saying Claire with a lazy accent). I’ve been making coffee for around 10 months now but I officially started making coffee at Alowishus Maryborough around 3 months ago. Before that, I was making coffee for tired teachers at school in the morning. I think the best part of being a barista is being involved in creating something that will make someone’s day a little brighter. As making coffee is still quite new to me, the feeling of success each time a customer expresses their happiness brings me joy! My favourite coffee design would have to be a love heart. Mostly because it’s currently one of the only ones I can successfully do.


Hey, I’m Jessie! I’ve been making coffee now for about a year and a half. Doing patterns is the best thing about making coffee! I love pouring the rosetta because it’s challenging to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it looks really pretty. I’m currently working on pouring two rosettas in one cup. Yay!

Who is your favourite Alowishus Barista? Let us know in the comments below!

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9 Coffee Puns Guaranteed To Spruce Up Your Next Coffee Date

Who doesn’t love a good pun? The world of coffee is full of them.

At Alowishus, we can certainly say that we are at the source of all coffee puns. Yes, we hear them every day of the week and there’s rarely one we haven’t heard before. To be fair, some are funnier than others (and some must have originated sometime in the 80’s), but here’s a list of our all-time favourite coffee-related puns you can use to make your coffee date a little more fun – or should we say “pun”?

1. “I am glad we are talking about it, cause I’ve been brewing over it for days”

There’s not too much that a good cup of coffee can’t improve. If you’ve had something on your mind, this one is a good one to use with a friend.  Enjoying a good conversation about it over your coffee can really help ease your mind. Alowishus is here to help! ;)

2. “Better Latte than never”

Has your coffee taken a little longer? Then this might be a good one to use with your barista and make him or her feel a little better when under the pump.

3. “C’mon and chai new things”

We all know those people who try one or two items from the menu and tend to stick to what they know works for them? (*hands up*) Next time you’re ordering with them, try this one on them and see if they branch out a little and chai something new. You never know, they might find a new favourite!

4. “Affogato your name, sorry”

Names… If you are one of those people who can barely remember a person’s name, this one’s for you. Because if that person happens to be your local barista, it could get a little awkward. You should really know their name by now! Here’s a funny way to get you out of that pickle.

5. “Did you build this cafe from the ground up?”

This is a particularly good one to use when chatting to our owner, Tracey. Be sure to wink so she knows you’ve bean extremely punny. Tracey has even written a blog post about how Alowishus came about! Check it out here.

6. “I can’t espresso how much you bean to me”

This is a great one to tell your barista handing over your first cuppa of the day. Eyes will probably roll, or a huge smile (or both), but if you’re anything like me – everyone will be safe now because you have your coffee. Alternatively, you can use this one on a hot date… or secretly whisper it to your coffee (no judgement here).

7. “What’s up, brew?”

Alowishus is the perfect place to catch up with mates over a cuppa. Check in with a good friend by casually asking how they’re going with this one.

8. “How did-ccino?”

Our serving staff are pretty incredible when it comes to remembering our regular customers and their fav orders. If you have enjoyed your fair share of Alowishus, you might be surprised when they start greeting you by name and asking you if you’d like your usual. You can always throw this pun out there when that happens (if it hasn’t already).

9. “Don’t worry, be frappe

Someone having a bad day? Show them you care by treating them to a drink, maybe even a  hug and this pun. This one works best if you hand the frappe over at the same time. You’re welcome.

Well, there you have it. Our list of 9 timeless classics when it comes to coffee puns.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Use at your own risk! We will not take responsibility for spilled coffees (or permanently damaged baristas through the use of these puns).

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Revealed: Maryborough’s Top 5 Coffees Of The Year (Updated: 2019)

Here’s a fun fact: Coffee is the most consumed beverage on the planet. Seriously, who doesn’t love a delicious cuppa? Every country and culture has their own unique ways of preparing their perfect brew in the morning (or any time of the day, really) and every city has their personal favourites. This year has surely been an exciting year in Maryborough with some new exciting cafe additions to our CBD – Alowishus Delicious included.

Here’s our list of the top 5 most popular coffees in Maryborough for the year (back to front)

#5 – Iced Latte

With all the hot weather up here in sunny Queensland, it’s no surprise that the iced latte made it into the top 5. Best enjoyed ice cold, it’s sure to deliver your coffee hit in a cool, refreshing way. Now we know how Maryborough locals keep their cool when things get a little hot around here!

#4 – Long Black

In fourth place, the long black. No milk, just pure espresso goodness. A good long black always has a nice layer of crema on top. It ensures you taste all the goodness that’s been brewed into this delicious cup of coffee. The long black, sometimes called Americano, has always been – and probably always will be – a favourite on any coffee menu.

#3 – Latte

In third place comes the Caffe Latte, or more commonly just called “Latte”. It’s the perfect bevvy for those who like it a little more frothy, but not too frothy. It’s also the perfect choice for those who like to add a little dash of syrup to make their cup of joe, well, less average. Caramel & Hazelnut flavour were amongst the most popular choices in lattes this year.

#2 – Flat White

It was a close race. In second place and right before our top-rated Maryborough coffee comes the flat white, or “flatty”, as we like to call it. Funny enough, with neither foam nor chocolate, the flat white is pretty much the exact opposite of our top-rated coffee. It was a close race between the two and the flat white made the second place on the most-enjoyed coffee list.

And the winner is…

#1 – Cappuccino

The Cappuccino is an all-time favourite and made it to the top of best-selling coffee list in Maryborough. The extra thick layer of foam, dusted in chocolate powder makes this Italian classic the most popular choice of Maryborough locals this year.

There you have it! Maryborough’s list of most popular coffees. What’s your favourite coffee? Let us know in the comments below!

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13 Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds

Coffee Ground Waste and 13 ways to recycle it.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages consumed all over the world.

People usually discard the grounds left behind after it’s brewed, but after reading this article, you may reconsider throwing them out.

Coffee grounds have many practical uses around the home and garden and can even help spruce up your beauty routine!

If you don’t make a lot of coffee at home, then Alowishus can hook you up with your coffee grounds FOR FREE!  Just bring in a bucket with a lid and your name on it, and we’ll fill it up for you to use.

Here are 13 creative uses for used coffee grounds.

1. Fertilise Your Garden

A great way to reuse coffee grounds waste and help you garden at the same time.

Most soil does not contain the essential nutrients needed for optimal plant growth.

Also, as plants grow, they absorb nutrients from the soil, ultimately leaving it depleted.

Thus, most gardens need to be fertilized to ensure that plants have the nourishment they need to survive.

Coffee grounds contain several key minerals for plant growth — nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium.

They may also help absorb heavy metals that can contaminate soil.  What’s more, coffee grounds help attract worms, which are great for your garden.

To use coffee grounds as fertiliser, simply sprinkle them onto the soil surrounding your plants.

2. Compost It for Later

If you do not have an immediate need for fertilizer, you can compost your coffee grounds for later use.

Composting is a natural process that turns organic items such as food scraps and yard debris into a dark, rich material called compost or humus.  Our Alowishus takeaway coffee cups are PLA lined instead of plastic lined which makes them 100% fully compostable in a commercial composting facility. Unfortunately the cost of these facilities doesn’t make it economical for local councils to have them.

Adding compost to your yard or garden can help the soil hold onto more nutrients and water, thereby improving the health of your plants.

Other items to compost include grass clippings, leaves, bark, shredded newspaper, brush, herbs, egg shells, stale bread and fruit and vegetable trimmings.

You should avoid composting meat and fish scraps, dairy products, diseased plants, grease and oils.

3. Repel Insects and Pests

Certain compounds found in coffee, such caffeine and diterpenes, can be highly toxic to insects.

Because of this, you can use coffee grounds to repel bugs.

They are effective at deterring mosquitos, fruit flies and beetles, and they may help keep other pests away too.

To use coffee grounds as an insect and pest repellent, simply set out bowls of grounds or sprinkle them around outdoor seating areas.

You can also keep pests out of your garden by scattering coffee grounds around your plants. They help create a barrier that slugs and snails do not like to crawl over.

4. Remove Fleas from Your Pet

Fleas are a common problem in household pets, and treating them can be costly and time-consuming.

There are several flea-removal products on the market, but many contain harsh chemicals and can produce unwanted side effects.

Luckily, fleas don’t seem to like coffee, and you may want to consider coffee grounds as a natural treatment.

Simply rub the grounds throughout your pet’s fur after shampooing. Then rinse them off and allow your pet to dry as usual.

Some say doing this may also add smoothness and shine to your pet’s coat, but there is little to no research to support either of these claims.

However, coffee grounds may be less effective than a prescription product, so if your pet has fleas and this treatment does not work, you may want to contact a vet to discuss alternative options.

Also, coffee grounds should only be used externally. They can be toxic to dogs if consumed.

5. Neutralise Odours

Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which helps eliminate a foul-smelling sulfur gas from the air when it’s combined with carbon.

In other words, coffee grounds can help absorb and eliminate odours.  You can place a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge or freezer to neutralise odours from spoiled or fragrant foods.

You can also fill old socks or pantyhose with coffee grounds and tie them off to make portable air fresheners.

Place these in your shoes, gym bag, bedroom drawers, under your car seat or anywhere else that may need some deodorizing.

You can even keep coffee grounds by the sink and use them to scrub your hands after chopping garlic or onions. The grounds will help remove the smell from your hands.

6. Use It as a Natural Cleaning Scrub

Coffee grounds are abrasive and can help remove buildup on hard-to-clean surfaces. They may even help sanitise due to their antibacterial and antiviral properties.

If you like to avoid cleaning with chemicals, used coffee grounds might be worth a try.  Use them to scour your sink, polish your cookware or clean your grill.

Just be careful not to use them on any kind of porous material, as they can cause brown stains.

7. Scour Your Pots and Pans

The coarse texture of coffee grounds makes them ideal for scrubbing hard-to-clean kitchen utensils.

You can use them to scrape your dishes clean and remove caked-on food from pots and pans. Simply sprinkle the grounds directly onto your pots and pans and scrub as usual. Make sure to rinse thoroughly afterward.

8. Exfoliate Your Skin

The coarse particles in coffee grounds work as an exfoliating agent to help remove dirt and dead cells from the skin.

Simply mix coffee grounds with a little bit of water or coconut oil and scrub them with your hands directly onto your face and body.

Coffee grounds can also be mixed with a small amount of honey and used as an exfoliating lip scrub.

What’s more, the caffeine in coffee grounds has potent antioxidant properties that can help protect the skin from sun damage.

It can also increase blood flow, which aids in overall skin health.

9. MAY Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite (I’m sceptical)

Cellulite is a condition that gives the skin a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It affects 80–90% of adult women.

It occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue under your skin and is commonly seen in the buttocks and thighs.

When caffeine such as that in coffee grounds is applied topically, it may help break down this fat and increase blood flow to the area, thus decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

10. Stimulate Hair Growth and Strip Buildup

Shampoos and styling products often leave residue behind that can dull and weigh down your hair.

Exfoliating your scalp with coffee grounds can help remove buildup and dead skin cells.

Before you shampoo, simply grab a handful of coffee grounds and massage them into your scalp and hair for a few minutes. Then wash and rinse as you normally would.

Do this one to two times per week, or as needed.

11. Repair Scratched Furniture

If you own wooden furniture, you’ve probably noticed it can be easily scuffed and scratched.

Various products can help minimize the appearance of scratches, but before you run to the store, you might want to give coffee grounds a try.

First, make a thick paste with used coffee grounds and water.

Then rub the paste into the scratch using a cotton swab, allow it to sit for 5–10 minutes and then wipe with a cotton rag.

This should help buff out the scratch and conceal it by dying the exposed wood a dark-brown color.

Continue to dab coffee into the scratch using a cotton swab until the desired colour is achieved, waiting a few hours between applications.

12. Grow Mushrooms

M2shrooms only thrive in specific conditions and are notoriously difficult to grow.

For starters, they do not grow in ordinary garden soil, as they require a substrate, or underlying substance or layer.

Used coffee grounds make a great substrate because they are packed full of nutrients that mushrooms like to grow on.

What’s more, they have already been sterilized during the brewing process, which would otherwise be an extra step in the growing process.

How to Grow Mushrooms in Used Coffee Grounds

  1. Collect about 2.5 kg of grounds and moisten them using a spray bottle.
  2. Add a little over 500 grams of mushroom spore and sawdust mixture and mix well. You can look for this product at your local gardening store.
  3. Place resulting mixture into a filter patch grow bag, large freezer bag or bucket and fill until approximately one-half to two-thirds full.
  4. Cut four air holes, about 5 mm in size, into the sides of your container above the grounds. If you are using an open container, cover it with cellophane and poke with a few more small air holes.
  5. Lightly spray the grounds with water once daily or as needed to keep them moist.
  6. In about two to four weeks when you start to see dense white areas with little budding mushrooms, move the container to an area with lighter and fresher air.
  7. When the mushrooms become plump and their caps turn upward, you can harvest them.

You can use this method to grow just about any kind of mushroom, but shiitake and oyster varieties seem to be the easiest.

13. Treat Under-Eye Circles

The skin surrounding the eyes is extremely delicate and contains very little fat tissue. Because of this, it’s one of the first places you might see signs of ageing.

Many things can contribute to the development of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, including fragile blood vessels, poor circulation and inadequate skin quality.

Coffee grounds seem to be a promising solution due to their high antioxidant and caffeine contents.

Studies show that skin care products containing antioxidants and caffeine can help prevent the appearance of ageing and reduce under-eye circles.

In particular, caffeine has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates blood circulation around the eyes, which can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and swelling.

The antioxidants in coffee can also help fight free radicals, which contribute to skin ageing.

Simply add water or coconut oil to your coffee grounds to form a paste. Apply the mixture under your eyes and let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing. Repeat this process daily or as needed.

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