Our Journey to Gelato

The journey to Gelato, with Alowishus was exactly like so many other things we’ve experienced since opening 5 years ago.  We didn’t decide “Let’s make Gelato”, we hadn’t even contemplated it.

However, 4 keys things happened in a very short space of time:

  1. Mike visited the Fine Food Festival in Sydney, and meet Gimmy. Gimmy sold Gelato making equipment and happened to be an expert in all things Gelato.  Gimmy also happened to be Italian
  2. One of our team members who we had hired much earlier to make coffee, happened to make the product at her old job. Not even kidding!  We had no idea at the time.
  3. The tenant in the two shops on the other side of the arcade moved out overnight, which made a space available – At this stage Mike was 100% convinced we needed to DO GELATO.  I, however still wasn’t.  It all sounded like a lot of work and I was about to have a baby.
  4. THE DEAL SEALER for me. We went on an impromptu weekend away, our last little escape before Gabe came along.  I booked us into a motel at Coolum I had seen on a day trip a few weekends before.  Mike pulled up out front and I ran inside to check in (don’t laugh, pregnant women can still run).  After giving me the key, explaining the carpark, lifts and amenities, and almost as an afterthought the manager handed me a voucher and said ‘Oh there’s a gelateria just out the front, here’s a free voucher!’

You seriously could have knocked me over with a feather.  If this wasn’t the final kick up the bum, get started, and DO GELATO, I wasn’t sure what would be.  And that my friends, was how we started.

Alowishus was now in the ice-cream business (actually the Gelato business but I need to add the word icecream to my blog post for better SEO ;-)

Much later we purchased a mobile cart and you wouldn’t believe it if I told you, but it was the people who owned that Gelato Bar in Coolum.  They had moved on from the business and now wanted to sell their cart.  We were connected with them by a random mutual associate.

We even had a website designed, dedicated to our gelato! Check it out when you have some time:


Thanks for reading

Blessings Tracey

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