Pay it Forward

Paying It Forward for Our Most Vulnerable

Have you heard about our Pay It Forward program?
It’s an easy and affordable way to help the needy and vulnerable in our community with their most essential need – food in their tummies.

It’s Just $4
We have a page on our website where you can buy Pay It Forward vouchers for a sandwich or toastie for $4 each. On your behalf, we will pass the vouchers on to a local community organisation who will ensure they are given to those who need them most. So, it’s that easy. You buy the voucher online and Alowishus and the community organisations will do the rest.

Here’s the link to the page on our website:

But Surely it Costs More Than $4?
Well, yes it does. But we’re happy to chip in that bit extra to make sure it’s easy and affordable for people to contribute.

Who Are the Organisations that Distribute the Pay It Forward Vouchers?
Currently, the organisations we work with include:

On any given night in Australia, over 115,000 people are homeless. Bundaberg and the Fraser Coast contribute more to this number than you might think. You may not be able to solve the bigger problem, but if you can spare $4, you can help someone at least have a nutritious meal today and hope for tomorrow.

Read more about the causes we support here.

Watch the video for some background on the Pay It Forward program.

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