Shalom College business students with Tracey McPhee of Alowishus Delicious Bundaberg

Alowishus Is Helping Create Future Business Leaders

Students are our future business leaders.

We appreciate that a lot of people say our name when talking about innovative local businesses. But
it’s important to remember that we’ve had a few falls and scraped our knees a few times along the
way while learning about growing a business.

We’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons and no doubt we’ll learn some more in the future.
Developing and growing a business is not easy but it’s a challenge we’d love to see more young
people taking on in the future– whether that be starting their own business or helping someone else
with their fresh ideas. Something that really excites us is sharing what we’ve learned to encourage
them to give it a go and become our future business leaders.

That’s why our owner, Tracey, along with our marketing and social media team have become quite
the regulars on the local school speaking circuit sharing their thoughts and providing helpful advice.
We’d like to give a shout-out and say ‘thank you’ to these schools who have given us the chance to
chat with some of their eager students:

  • North Bundaberg State High
  • Bundaberg State High
  • Bundaberg Christian College
  • Shalom College
  • Gin Gin State High
Bundaberg North High students with Tracey McPhee of Alowishus Delicious Bundaberg

Bundaberg North High students with Tracey McPhee of Alowishus Delicious Bundaberg

Some of the things we find that students are interested in learning about include…

Starting a business – the practical steps and things you need to consider such as costs, licences,
finance and legal issues.

Our brand and how we maintain it – your brand is more than just your logo.

Marketing & Social media how we plan our posts and what will go on the various platforms.

Social responsibility – you need to have a purpose other than making money.

Of course, we also talk to potential jobseekers about what employers are looking for as well. We’ve
developed some pretty good systems that help us recognise who will be a good fit with our team.

Would You Like Us to Visit Your School?

If you’re a teacher and you think Tracey, or one of our marketing team, might be able to offer some
valuable insights to your students, we would love to hear from you. Just email
[email protected] to discuss how we can help. If you’re a parent or student interested in becoming a future business leader, please feel free
to recommend us to your school!

Did you know we have won Countrywide Cafe of the Year two years in a row?

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