We’re Going Yellow to Help Our Homeless

On Friday, August 9th 2019 Alowishus in Bundaberg and Maryborough will once again be joining hundreds of cafes and coffee roasters for CaféSmart, a united effort to help homeless people in communities around Australia.

CaféSmart is an initiative of the great people at StreetSmart – Action Against Homelessness

Why We Love Being Part of CaféSmart

On any given night in Australia over 115,000 people are homeless – often through circumstances beyond their control. We believe everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home.

The funds raised through CaféSmart come back to local service providers such as Edon Place Women’s Shelter here in Bundaberg. This is a way to make a real difference in our local community at the grassroots level.

We have been involved for eight years now. Last year we raised $1113.70 between both stores which came back to help people in Bundaberg and Maryborough.

It’s Super Easy to Help Out

Do you like to drink our coffee?

We are going to assume that’s a ‘Yes’. So, all you need to do is buy a coffee (or any other hot drink) on August 9 th and we will give $1 to CaféSmart.

Can you afford an extra dollar?

You don’t have to, but we will be asking customers if they’d like to match our dollar with one of their own.

It’s that easy.

What Else Are We Doing?

The theme colour for CaféSmart is yellow, so to help raise awareness we will be dressing in yellow.

But we won’t stop there… we will have yellow cupcakes for sale with $1 from each of them also going to CaféSmart also.

Finally, Post Your Pics on Social Media

On the day, you can help let others know about this important cause by posting your coffee and cupcakes with the hashtag #helpyourhood

Let’s do something together to help the vulnerable in our community. We’d love to see you for coffee, a cupcake, or both on Friday, August 9th 2019.

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The Evolution of Alowishus in Coffee Cups

A cool takeaway coffee cup is a must for any cafe. After all, people will see where you got your coffee when you walk down the street, when you’re waiting at the traffic lights, and when you get back to the office.

For you, our customers, when you carry our brand with you, you’re saying that not only do you love a good coffee, but you chose Alowishus Delicious.

We totally respect that.

That’s why we pay attention to detail and why we have made sure that even our takeaway cups are a true reflection of our brand values.

Alowishus Coffee Cup Design 2019

Alowishus Coffee Cup Design 2019


So, what’s our latest cup design all about?

Here are 4 things you’ll notice about our latest takeaway cups

First things first…

1. The ‘A’ logo

The ‘A’ has become recognisable and hasn’t changed over the years.

2. Green & Black Leaves

Look carefully and you will see that the leaves are the same as the tiny ones in our curly ‘A’. The colours are associated with our brand but they also signify freshness and being environmentally responsible. Green is also associated with fair-trade products which we embrace and support where we can.

3. It’s a good day!

We wanted our slogan to be a positive message for you to take with you, so you feel good (about yourself and us). It’s a reminder that you can find something good in each and every day.

4. Social Bits

A few subtle reminders to check us out on social media, hashtag us in your coffee posts, and claim your free coffee by subscribing to the Alowishus Good News Family.

5. Enviro-Friendly

Something that hasn’t changed for about four years. We use 100% biodegradable and compostable cups that are PLA lined instead of oil lined. PLA stands for polylactic acid, a plant-based product that will disappear completely when composted.


The Alowishus Coffee Cup Evolution

You could really say that the design of our cups has been a reflection of the lessons we have learned in business over the years. Our early cups didn’t say too much about us. One of them was even just a plain brown cup with our ‘A’ logo on it.

Subsequent cups have featured our logo and brand colours. Our previous design had all the same info as the new design but looking back, didn’t quite capture what it means to be ‘Alowishus’.

Alowishus Coffee Cup Design 2017

Alowishus Coffee Cup Design 2017

Alowishus Coffee Cup Design 2017

Cup design before our updated branding

We think the latest design really encapsulates our brand values: Fun, fast & friendly.

That’s a big job for a coffee cup but we think it does it pretty well. What are your thoughts? Do you like the latest cup design? Let us know in the comments below!

So, the next time you get your takeaway coffee at Alowishus, know that we really appreciate you helping us share our passion for great coffee and doing good in the world.

And always remember… It’s a good day!

Enjoy Fairtrade & Organic Tea at Alowishus Delicious

At Alowishus, we love to keep things local where we can. And if we can’t get a quality local product, like our organic tea, we want to ensure that our products are ethically sourced and support the local community where they are grown and produced.

Our premium quality organic tea is not only Fairtrade, but organically grown as well. This ensures that the people who work so hard to create this great product and the environment in which it is grown are well looked after.

Organic Tea – Difference you can taste

Most tea leaves go unwashed when they are harvested, dried and processed, and contain chemical residue and pesticides used on the plants. With an organic tea process, it is grown free of chemicals, antibiotics, synthetic hormones or genetic modifications. It is minimally processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation in order to maintain the integrity of the food, preserve ecological harmony and promote biodiversity. Hence, it is health for you as well as for the environment.

Why Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is an organised social movement and market-based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries and promote sustainability. Our organic tea producer’s workforce is given statutory benefits such as free housing, rationed food, medical services and maternity benefits. In addition the tea gardens have schools for workers’ children and places of worship for various religious communities. By giving many families the security of a regular income, our organic tea producers have helped raise the socio-economic standards of the local population.

Our organic tea is sourced from producers that adhere to an organic method of cultivation that is certified by the IMO Institute for Marketecology. This IMO certification has approval in over 90 countries, including European, American and Japanese standards.

Visit your nearest Alowishus Delicious to enjoy our delicious teas in-store!

Our organic tea is available in the following flavours:

  • Organic English Breakfast Tea
  • Organic Earl Grey Tea
  • Organic Peppermint Tea
  • Organic Jasmine Green Tea
  • Organic Spice Chai Tea
  • Organic Lemongrass & Ginger Tea

You can read more about our organic teas here.

Bundaberg Coffee where I fell in love with coffee

Bundaberg Coffee

Bundaberg Coffee.  I still remember the first time I fell in love with coffee.

Previously, the sole purpose of my caffeine intake was purely a survival tactic as I found myself faced with gruelling senior high-school weeks filled with maths exams, gossip to keep up with, and two little brothers who own Nerf guns. But, one fateful spring day, I took my flat white from the barista, stepped into the sunshine, and took a sip.

I don’t really know what happened. But in a single moment, coffee went from being purely an energy source to an experience: an experience that, like so many others, I began to crave daily.

And I still remember the place where I bought that coffee.

Alowishus Delicious. A (at the time) small café nestled into an alleyway in downtown Bundaberg, for whom I soon found myself employed. Over time, as I delivered hundreds of coffees to tables, served vast amounts of choc chunk cake and laughed with many a customer – I had the privilege of watching Alowishus expand from a cute corner to an alleyway of coffee culture. And as the halls filled and the night shifts got busier I only got more and more excited. About what we were creating. How far it could go. How many more unsuspecting civilians we could convert to coffee-cravers. (Kidding. Well, mostly)

The secret to our success? The answer must lie in our coffee. (because; let’s admit it, no matter what the question is, ‘coffee’ is usually the answer) And our particular coffee is supplied by Sacred Grounds. 100% Arabica, the beans are sourced from different locations worldwide, including Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Nicaragua. However Sacred Grounds will prove different from that of other coffee roasters, as their primary marketing point is that their products are completely organic and Fairtrade. This made Sacred Grounds a perfect counterpart for Alowishus, complementing our passion for social justices; something we ensure is evident to our customers. The final element left for the creation of a perfect coffee? The baristas.

bundaberg coffeeAmy Baldwin presenting her ‘Latte Art’ at Alowishus Delicious

If it takes 2000 hours to craft coffee – from the growing to the grinding, then all that time is dishonoured if the barista makes a bad coffee. So, realising this, our latest focus at Alowishus is keeping our coffees consistent. The level tamp, the balance of silky milk and the right amount of crema – our priority is making sure this is perfect every time, despite the barista. Under the guidance of David Lee-Schneider, Barista Coach and Café Consultant, each barista is working to ensure each beverage is true to its name: cappuccino, latte, flat white. So here is our passion: keeping our coffee consistently excellent for our customers and ourselves. Because, as Lorelai Gilmour puts it “Oh I can’t stop drinking coffee. I stop drinking coffee, I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words-putting-into-sentence doing.”

Hit up Alowishus Delicious the next time you are in Bundaberg. We’ll help you through that words-putting-into-sentence-doing thing in the best way we can.

Romy Field

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Bundaberg Coffee


Best Coffee Bundaberg – Voted by Bundaberg

Thank you, Bundaberg for voting our coffee the best in Bundy once again!

Hitz FM and Newsmail have both run competitions over the past couple of years and the readers and people of Bundaberg voted Alowishus to make the absolute best coffee in Bundaberg.I strongly believe that to make excellent coffee, you need an excellent barista. A great barista can make a good coffee on a rubbish machine with

“I strongly believe that to make excellent coffee, you need an excellent barista. A great barista can make a good coffee on an average machine, even with mediocre beans. Likewise, if you have a bad barista, you can give them the best beans and a state-of-the-art machine and you won’t be able to drink more then a sip.” ~ Tracey McPhee, founder of Alowishus Delicious

This is why we put all our baristas through extensive training; we call this Barista Bootcamp. From here, they are then dubbed a Coffee Samurai.  This title represents the passion, speed and precision we expect from all the baristas here at Alowishus.

Best Coffee Bundaberg

The Alowishus Team are passionate about great coffee and superb service.  We have a culture of excellence and every one of our wonderful team strives for quality and consistency each and every shift.  We love our jobs and we love coming to work.  Sure, it gets stressful at times, but we love a challenge and always rise to the occasion.

Our team could write a book about the interesting and sometimes disturbing coffee orders we get. Everything, from one shot of normal coffee plus one shot of decaf on almond milk with an equal, right through to 1/4 strength vanilla lattes with 5 sugars. Cappuccinos with no chocolate powder and lattes with cinnamon, long blacks half full of milk and skinny soy hot chocolates with extra chocolate, lots of sugar and marshmallows. But they must be on the side. It’s all in a day’s work and we love it!

Want to read more?  Visit

Did you try our Nutella hot chocolate last winter?  Should we bring it back? Let us know in the comments below!

Libbys love affair with ice cream

Ice Cream

Not sure how old I was when I had my first ice cream?   ……. I’m not talking about the sort that came out of the freezer at home if and when I had eaten all my vegetables  ……. The real stuff.  The colourful substance in those tall tins in the cold cabinet at the Great Australian Ice Creamery.  Where you could press your nose hard against the cold glass aice cream gelato icecream ice-cream s you tried to make a decision.

In our house, an ice cream was always “the perfect treat”.  As a kid, when Dad said “let’s go for an ice cream” I knew it was a “happy day!!”   Whether it was a reward, a chance for my sisters and I to ride our bikes to the corner store, a soft serve, the neighbour’s mango ice-blocks, Mr Whippy, or a holiday treat on a hot summer’s day, it diice cream gelato icecream ice-cream dn’t matter.  That was until on a holiday to our usual spot, Caloundra, we discovered … Gelato!!

There was just something indulgent about that smooth, delicate, creamy texture.  Not icey – and so many flavours, fruity or creamy, in a crunchy waffle cone or a cup.   Decisions, decisions – they gave us cute little spoons to sample it before we made our choice.  This only made the decision even harder.  I’d never been anywhere else where you could sample the food before you bought it!   So every visit to Caloundra after that demanded several must-do trips to Milanos.

And so ….. my love of ice cream came from pretty ordinary beginnings but many happy childhood memories were formed in those days. It was just one of those special things my Dad and I used to do.

Starting out in the Ice Cream business ………

When Tracey approached me to become involved in the Gelato making at Alowishus something really excited me.  It ignited a passion for Gelato making which continues to flourish. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Gelato journey and still pinch myself that Tracey and Mike have given me the opportunity to experiment and craft this awesome product.

ice cream gelato icecream ice-cream I love matching the flavours with Bundaberg’s extensive fresh local produce to create delicious cups of “awesomeness”.  I’ve discovered the combination of flavours is endless and I get really excited about the wide range we have on offer. It has been a real buzz and I somehow think my heart was meant for Alowishus.

I have made it my mission to sample Gelato wherever I go with the aim of serving the freshest, creamiest and best-tasting Gelato around.  This ensures Alowishus Gelato is an all- round pleasurable, once-is-not-enough experience.

Come and check out our Gelato cabinet.  It’s a celebration of our “love affair” with Gelato. I know you’ll love it too.

And the most asked question… ”which one???”

Choose your favourite flavour here:

Watch more of Libby’s gelato journey here:

Meet our Gelato Mestro’s

I love checking out the cabinet at the end of gelato making days.

It always looks so fresh and fun, it’s a joy to behold.  My other favourite thing to do is taste the new flavours straight from the batch processor, the product is just so creamy.  A few weeks back I took some time to watch all the processes again …………….. ok, and maybe to sample some of the product as well.  After all, someone has to do quality control!  It may as well be me :-)

Afterwards I chatted with our amazing team who bring you all the wonderful flavours in the cabinet each week. I asked them a few of their favourite things about gelato. Here’s what they said

What is your favourite thing, or what do you love about making gelato?

Libby:gelato, icecream, ice-cream, ice cream
I love being able to use the fresh local produce that Bundaberg has to offer in my gelato and sorbet. I like inventing exciting and unique flavours creating a fun experience for our customers.
Everything about it! It’s great fun, I never not want to be on a gelato day! The new flavours are always exciting and gelato or sorbet straight out of the batch processor is soooooo delicious
I love the versatility of making new gelato flavours

What is your Favourite Flavour?

Nerilyn:  Top Deck or Macadamia gelato, icecream, ice-cream, ice cream
Libby:  My favourite would have to be the passionfruit, white chocolate and lime curd gelato. It uses Tina Berries passionfruit and Bundy Limes which we then make into a yummy curd that we swirl throughout the gelato.
Georgia:  I love Chocolate Sorbet and Malteser, but most of them are pretty good!



Gelato or Sorbet?

Not playing favourites, I like both, but can’t eat much gelato.
Definitely Gelato!
Depends what day you have me on. In summer, sorbets are always a hit and very refreshing but gelato would have to be the winner.

What’s Your Worst Injury?

gelato, icecream, ice-cream, ice creamLibby:
No battle scars as of yet.
Squished my finger good and proper once when I was putting the door on the machine
Got stitches after busting my finger open while cleaning the machine

Did you know ……

you can purchase take home packs of our yummy ice-cream.  One litre and 500 ml packs are available on demand.  If you are a true die hard fan of ours, you can also pre-order a 5 litre take home pack in advance.  Just see the team at the counter and they can hook you up.

We also have our cute vintage style cart available for hire.  It features in the video below and you can find out more about it by clicking the link just above the video.  We supply all the cups, spoons and a team member to serve for you.  We clean up and leave you to enjoy your event.  All you need to do is pick your favourite flavours!  We have loads of dairy and gluten free options.

Alowishus Delicious make all their products with lots of love.  Try something today.  What’s your favourite flavour?  You can choose here:

Do you know the difference between ice cream and gelato?  Watch out for our next blog post and we will let you know.

Yours in all things sweet

Tracey McPhee – owner of Alowishus and eater of all things yummy :-)


Why we started Alowishus Delicious

Why we started:

Once upon a time in a different life, BC (before children), my husband Michael and I went on a trip to the UK to visit friends. It was back in 2004 and, fortunately for our marriage, GPS was now a common place option in hire cars. We travelled around and as we did we came across a franchise in a few locations named “Pret A Manger”. From that moment Mike wanted to open a Sandwich Bar in Bundaberg.  Why we started.

At the time I was 3 years into a position in Retail Banking. Happily working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday with no week-ends or public holidays. My previous jobs in Health and Fitness saw me working early mornings late nights, week-ends, public holidays and all other times in between. I was in no rush to leave my job. Mike would mention the sandwich bar every couple of years and I would smile and nod in the right places, all the while thinking what a nightmare that would be.

One day early in 2011 …..

I was having my nails done. Shelly and I were chatting about the lack of places to get a coffee after 2pm in Bundy. Having been born in Bundaberg we both remembered the café scene from 20 years earlier and were reminiscing about all the options there used to be. I started getting quite excited about all the ideas that were rushing through my head:

  • Opening late nights & week-ends
  • Child friendly (I had since had a bub who was 3 at the time)
  • A venue that could raise money and awareness for charities
  • A cost point that was affordable
  • Customer Service Excellence (something I am very passionate about)

Anyhow, I was very excited about the concept and thought this would be a great idea for SOMEONE. I never wanted that SOMEONE to be me, not in a million years! That same afternoon around 5.30, Mike came home and we were chatting about our day. He casually mentioned he’d found a shop for our Sandwich Bar. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather, I think I heard my jaw hit the ground. I shared my conversation from earlier in the day and for the first time in our lives we felt a sense of obligation. Previously we had completed many projects together. Everything from buying, renovating, building and selling homes to business’ and property development.

These previous ‘projects’ we just did,

preparing for our future I guess. We had the resources and talent required, so why not. This time though we felt like it wasn’t even a choice for us to make but rather a commissioning we had to undertake. There wasn’t a decision to be made about whether or not we do this, we just got started. This was in February 2011.

During the following month in March I travelled to Sydney to attend a Women’s Conference. The conference went for 3 nights and 2 days. On each of these days was a special session, a sort of a round the table set up, where women were discussing the issues that were affecting us globally. At the end of the session I felt so incredibly overwhelmed by the atrocities that were happening. I already knew about many of them and now felt powerless to do anything.                                                                                            ( why we started )

The next day I attended the same session again ….

and this time it focused on “Being the Change” you want to see in the world. We were blessed with video clips and stories of all the amazing things that everyday people like me were doing in their part of the vineyard. It featured a little old lady knitting bears for sick kids, a mum hosting new mums in her home each week for morning tea and the stories went on. I realised then, I didn’t need to be out on the frontline fighting these battles myself but rather I could support the people who were. I could do small things from my spot in Bundy to make a big impact on our community both locally and globally.

That afternoon I heard a woman called Christine Caine speak. She explained how just a couple of years earlier she had been in an airport in Greece and saw pictures of hundreds of people who were thought to have been trafficked and were missing. She shared a video from a women whom her organisation A21 had rescued, and I wept like a child. What this women had gone through was horrific and she was one of 27 million people living in bondage today. I had found my passion, I had found what I wanted our business to support.

So for the next 9 months we went about busily preparing to open our Sandwich Bar (it still didn’t have a name).

In July I had scheduled to take my long service as we thought we would be ready to open around then. The end of September was approaching and my long service was finishing so I took a 12 month unpaid career break. All the time thinking once we got this little café up and running I would be able to return to my job at Suncorp Bank.                                                                                        (why we started)

Finally came opening day, the 28th December 2011.

We thought we’d be in for an easy couple of weeks, you know, take it slow settle in, set up some systems. We were thinking this because during this time of the year the Council and quite a few of the professionals around our area take some of their annual leave. We couldn’t have been more wrong. The International Jazz Festival was being held the same week – right next door!!! We got smashed every day from when we opened until we closed. It was crazy and amazing all at the same time. I’ve heard it said that the sweetest sound to a person’s ears is the sound of their own name. Well by the end of that week I was so sick of hearing my own name that it wouldn’t have bothered me if it was never used again.

Somehow we made it through that first week and backed up again on the Monday. Since then we have grown from strength to strength. We have laughed, cried, won, lost and learned a million things along the way, but that’s another story for another time. Thanks for reading.



UPDATE: Tracey has continued sharing the Alowishus journey in a recent post, where she shares how the name ‘Alowishus Delicious‘ came about and what’s behind the logo. Continue reading here.

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