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Our Greatest Gelato Hits

Gelato is a bit like music really…

For some people, their choice of flavour might depend on their mood at the time. Maybe you need something deep and comforting? Or perhaps you are feeling light and boisterous?

On the other hand, some people know exactly what they like and they don’t want to try anything else.

Either way, that’s fine with us. We’re not here to judge. In fact, all of our flavours are a bit special to us because they all have a reason as to why we make them.

That’s why we thought we’d share a bit about some of our most popular flavours (gelato hits!) at the moment…


Caramilk is super popular right now but like many chart-toppers, we don’t know how long it will be around for or if it will ever make a comeback after its time is done.

What we do know is that presently we have to engage some ‘Covert Caramilk Agents’ around town to let us know when they see new stock come into the shops. It can be that hard to get.

Roasted Macadamia and Salted Caramel Liqueur

This one is just SOOO rich and creamy and is a massive hit with the grown-ups. At its heart is a combination of two iconic local products – macadamias from Macadamias Australia and liqueur from Bundaberg Rum.

This flavour was originally crafted especially for Winterfeast a few years ago but from time to time we like to bring it back. When we do, it sure sells out fast.

Vegan Options

Our vegan gelatos are growing in demand as more and more people make the choice to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. Our vegan gelatos are soy-based and the delightful flavours include Chai, Vanilla Bean and Strawberry.

All of our sorbets are also suitable for vegans.

What’s Your Favourite Gelato?

Do you have a favourite you stick with all the time or do you like to mix things up? Or perhaps you have an idea for a flavour we don’t have yet? Please feel welcome to let us know.

By the way, did you know we have a special website for our gelato? If you always feel indecisive when you get to the counter, you can always do your homework first.

Check it out here: https://alowishusgelato.com.au/

Check out some of our greatest gelato hits at Alowishus soon!

READ about our gelato journey.

READ about Libby’s love affair with icecream!

WATCH more of Libby’s gelato journey below.

Libbys love affair with ice cream

Ice Cream

Not sure how old I was when I had my first ice cream?   ……. I’m not talking about the sort that came out of the freezer at home if and when I had eaten all my vegetables  ……. The real stuff.  The colourful substance in those tall tins in the cold cabinet at the Great Australian Ice Creamery.  Where you could press your nose hard against the cold glass aice cream gelato icecream ice-cream s you tried to make a decision.

In our house, an ice cream was always “the perfect treat”.  As a kid, when Dad said “let’s go for an ice cream” I knew it was a “happy day!!”   Whether it was a reward, a chance for my sisters and I to ride our bikes to the corner store, a soft serve, the neighbour’s mango ice-blocks, Mr Whippy, or a holiday treat on a hot summer’s day, it diice cream gelato icecream ice-cream dn’t matter.  That was until on a holiday to our usual spot, Caloundra, we discovered … Gelato!!

There was just something indulgent about that smooth, delicate, creamy texture.  Not icey – and so many flavours, fruity or creamy, in a crunchy waffle cone or a cup.   Decisions, decisions – they gave us cute little spoons to sample it before we made our choice.  This only made the decision even harder.  I’d never been anywhere else where you could sample the food before you bought it!   So every visit to Caloundra after that demanded several must-do trips to Milanos.

And so ….. my love of ice cream came from pretty ordinary beginnings but many happy childhood memories were formed in those days. It was just one of those special things my Dad and I used to do.

Starting out in the Ice Cream business ………

When Tracey approached me to become involved in the Gelato making at Alowishus something really excited me.  It ignited a passion for Gelato making which continues to flourish. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Gelato journey and still pinch myself that Tracey and Mike have given me the opportunity to experiment and craft this awesome product.

ice cream gelato icecream ice-cream I love matching the flavours with Bundaberg’s extensive fresh local produce to create delicious cups of “awesomeness”.  I’ve discovered the combination of flavours is endless and I get really excited about the wide range we have on offer. It has been a real buzz and I somehow think my heart was meant for Alowishus.

I have made it my mission to sample Gelato wherever I go with the aim of serving the freshest, creamiest and best-tasting Gelato around.  This ensures Alowishus Gelato is an all- round pleasurable, once-is-not-enough experience.

Come and check out our Gelato cabinet.  It’s a celebration of our “love affair” with Gelato. I know you’ll love it too.

And the most asked question… ”which one???”

Choose your favourite flavour here:   www.alowishusgelato.com.au

Watch more of Libby’s gelato journey here:

One fine day at Tinaberries Strawberry Farm in Bundaberg

Video by FlySocial


Our passion for fresh, local produce has led us to work with some amazing local farmers, just like Tinaberries, right here in the Bundaberg Region.

During the Bundy season, we source all our strawberries from their local farm for use in our delicious sorbet and gelato.

At Alowishus, we believe that buying local produce doesn’t only help our community grow but it tastes better, too. This is because it can be picked at peak ripeness to ensure the absolute best quality and flavour.

We like to know where our food comes from and love to share the stories of the people who grow it with our customers.

We are truly blessed for having so much amazing produce available right here in Bundy. The Bundaberg Region accounts for around 25% of all of Australia’s produce.

Thank you, Bundaberg! Thank you, Tinaberries!

Tip: Head over to Tinaberries website for some delicious strawberry recipes.

Tinaberries Strawberries - Picked at peak ripeness Tinaberries Strawberry Punnets Tinnaberries - Hand-picked Strawberries in Bundaberg

Some berry tips just for you:

To maximise flavour strawberries should be served at room temperature.
Take them out of the fridge one hour before serving.

Too much water will damage the soft fruit and encourage breakdown.
Only wash berries immediately prior to use.

How to hull strawberries
The hull or calyx is the green leafy top of the strawberry, which is generally removed before cooking or serving. Angle a small sharp knife and cut, in a circular motion, around the green leafy top of the strawberry and into the pale flesh directly underneath.Remove the hull and discard. Wash strawberries under cold running water before using.

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Meet our Gelato Mestro’s

I love checking out the cabinet at the end of gelato making days.

It always looks so fresh and fun, it’s a joy to behold.  My other favourite thing to do is taste the new flavours straight from the batch processor, the product is just so creamy.  A few weeks back I took some time to watch all the processes again …………….. ok, and maybe to sample some of the product as well.  After all, someone has to do quality control!  It may as well be me :-)

Afterwards I chatted with our amazing team who bring you all the wonderful flavours in the cabinet each week. I asked them a few of their favourite things about gelato. Here’s what they said

What is your favourite thing, or what do you love about making gelato?

Libby:gelato, icecream, ice-cream, ice cream
I love being able to use the fresh local produce that Bundaberg has to offer in my gelato and sorbet. I like inventing exciting and unique flavours creating a fun experience for our customers.
Everything about it! It’s great fun, I never not want to be on a gelato day! The new flavours are always exciting and gelato or sorbet straight out of the batch processor is soooooo delicious
I love the versatility of making new gelato flavours

What is your Favourite Flavour?

Nerilyn:  Top Deck or Macadamia gelato, icecream, ice-cream, ice cream
Libby:  My favourite would have to be the passionfruit, white chocolate and lime curd gelato. It uses Tina Berries passionfruit and Bundy Limes which we then make into a yummy curd that we swirl throughout the gelato.
Georgia:  I love Chocolate Sorbet and Malteser, but most of them are pretty good!



Gelato or Sorbet?

Not playing favourites, I like both, but can’t eat much gelato.
Definitely Gelato!
Depends what day you have me on. In summer, sorbets are always a hit and very refreshing but gelato would have to be the winner.

What’s Your Worst Injury?

gelato, icecream, ice-cream, ice creamLibby:
No battle scars as of yet.
Squished my finger good and proper once when I was putting the door on the machine
Got stitches after busting my finger open while cleaning the machine

Did you know ……

you can purchase take home packs of our yummy ice-cream.  One litre and 500 ml packs are available on demand.  If you are a true die hard fan of ours, you can also pre-order a 5 litre take home pack in advance.  Just see the team at the counter and they can hook you up.

We also have our cute vintage style cart available for hire.  It features in the video below and you can find out more about it by clicking the link just above the video.  We supply all the cups, spoons and a team member to serve for you.  We clean up and leave you to enjoy your event.  All you need to do is pick your favourite flavours!  We have loads of dairy and gluten free options.

Alowishus Delicious make all their products with lots of love.  Try something today.  What’s your favourite flavour?  You can choose here:


Do you know the difference between ice cream and gelato?  Watch out for our next blog post and we will let you know.

Yours in all things sweet

Tracey McPhee – owner of Alowishus and eater of all things yummy :-)


Our Journey to Gelato

The journey to Gelato, with Alowishus was exactly like so many other things we’ve experienced since opening 5 years ago.  We didn’t decide “Let’s make Gelato”, we hadn’t even contemplated it.

However, 4 keys things happened in a very short space of time:

  1. Mike visited the Fine Food Festival in Sydney, and meet Gimmy. Gimmy sold Gelato making equipment and happened to be an expert in all things Gelato.  Gimmy also happened to be Italian
  2. One of our team members who we had hired much earlier to make coffee, happened to make the product at her old job. Not even kidding!  We had no idea at the time.
  3. The tenant in the two shops on the other side of the arcade moved out overnight, which made a space available – At this stage Mike was 100% convinced we needed to DO GELATO.  I, however still wasn’t.  It all sounded like a lot of work and I was about to have a baby.
  4. THE DEAL SEALER for me. We went on an impromptu weekend away, our last little escape before Gabe came along.  I booked us into a motel at Coolum I had seen on a day trip a few weekends before.  Mike pulled up out front and I ran inside to check in (don’t laugh, pregnant women can still run).  After giving me the key, explaining the carpark, lifts and amenities, and almost as an afterthought the manager handed me a voucher and said ‘Oh there’s a gelateria just out the front, here’s a free voucher!’

You seriously could have knocked me over with a feather.  If this wasn’t the final kick up the bum, get started, and DO GELATO, I wasn’t sure what would be.  And that my friends, was how we started.

Alowishus was now in the ice-cream business (actually the Gelato business but I need to add the word icecream to my blog post for better SEO ;-)

Much later we purchased a mobile cart and you wouldn’t believe it if I told you, but it was the people who owned that Gelato Bar in Coolum.  They had moved on from the business and now wanted to sell their cart.  We were connected with them by a random mutual associate.

We even had a website designed, dedicated to our gelato! Check it out when you have some time:


Thanks for reading

Blessings Tracey

Farm to Fork Local Produce in Bundy

Farm to Fork Local Produce

How blessed are we to live and work in this wonderful region?  It’s the end of May, it’s 27 degrees and the sun is shining brightly. This morning I took the opportunity to visit a few local farms and farmers.  While we were out we gathered their deliciously fresh local produce to use in a little project we have coming up.

Next Friday the team from Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism ….

are doing a street activation in the CBD to promote the upcoming Winterfeast Festival in July.

Alowishus Delicious are excited to be partnering with BNBT.  We are supplying our vintage gelato cart stocked to the brim with our amazing sorbets and gelato.  All the gelato is made on site with local products grown and produced right here in Bundaberg.


Fresh Bundaberg Produce


Our Gelaticians are excited to be experimenting this and next week with all this amazing produce.

Some of the flavours you can expect to see and try are:

  • Tina berry Gelato, strawberry flavoured, from Tinaberries at 15 Zinks Road
  • Roasted Sweet Potato & Honey Roasted Macadamia, Sweet Spuds from Mortimers Farms on Bargara Road and Macadamias from Macadamias Australia on 4625 Goodwood Road
  • Salted Caramel Rum from Bundaberg Rum, Avenue Street East Bundy
  • Gingerbread & Passionfruit Curd, Ginger from Bundaginga and Passionfruit from Tinaberries
  • And so much more ……

Now I don’t have all the details yet.  Though I do believe the Alowishus Gelato Cart will be making an appearance around 11am next Friday the 3rd June.  It will be in the CBD between Targo and Barolin Streets. So, keep an eye out for the Winterfeast Team!

To read more about our local produce and farmers in the Bundaberg Region, follow any of these links:


<a href="http://www.bfvg their explanation.com.au/farming-families”>http://www.bfvg.com.au/farming-families





Alowishus Delicious gelato and sorbet, Delicious?  Must be Alowishus