Shots Fired Outside of Local Maryborough Cafe

Upon passing through the regional town of Maryborough, I couldn’t help but notice groups of stalls lined up within the town centre. Needing a break, I pulled the car over and decided to check out what the small town had to offer and look for a good little Maryborough cafe.

The Maryborough Markets

While small, the Maryborough markets had an eclectic mix of stalls, friendly people and community atmosphere. I was in the middle of inspecting some of the local produce when out the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a man who looked like he was from the 1850’s. “I must be delusional” I thought, “I need coffee”.

The smell of cooking food filled the air and my stomach started to grumble.
 Turning around and picking up my pace, I stumbled across a buzzing, charming little café called ‘Alowishus Delicious’.

Taking a seat, it didn’t take long before my coffee and meal were placed in front of me. I looked at the corn fritters like a creature about to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.


 The sound of a gun goes off and my heart leaps out of my chest. Turning my head, I realised I was in fact, not delusional and two people in 1850’s costumes were standing beside a freshly fired cannon.

After I was fed and much more alert, I decided to do some investigating. I approached the couple full to the brim with curiosity – why was it that a CANNON was just fired?! Right here, in the middle of Maryborough?

Firing of Maryborough’s Time Cannon

The woman, Carmel Murdoch, explained that the time cannon was originally discovered, buried in sand on the Torres Strait island of Mobiag Island by the Premier of Queensland, John Douglas in 1877.

Being a ‘port of entry’, Maryborough had many people that came from all over the world that were used to different time zones. Firing a cannon, at the traditional time of 1pm, would notify the workers in the fields that it was time for lunch, allow the ship’s captains to reset their chronometers before they sailed out to sea, and the rest of the township could reset their clocks.

The cannon was fired up until 1898 when there was a depression and due to the lack of funds to pay for someone to fire and to pay for the shot itself, they ceased to do it every day and only reserved it for official occasions.

In 1988, when the World Expo was coming to Brisbane, it was thought to fire the cannon at a pavilion called “communities of Australia” for tourism purposes. It was then that it was discovered that the original cannon was cast in the 1750’s by the Dutch East India Company and so a few replicas were quickly made before the original cannon was placed in the Bond Store Museum in Wharf Street where it is still to this day.

Today, a replica of the cannon is fired to pay homage to the history and heritage of Maryborough.

I slowly made my way back to the car to continue my journey and thinking about all the new discoveries I had made. A good feed for a reasonable price and a viewing of the past: now that’s what I call a bang for your buck!

When you’re in Maryborough next, make sure to visit Alowishus Delicious (Maryborough’s best-rated cafe)! If you’re fast, you can even grab a free coffee on their website here:

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Revealed: Maryborough’s Top 5 Coffees Of The Year (Updated: 2019)

Here’s a fun fact: Coffee is the most consumed beverage on the planet. Seriously, who doesn’t love a delicious cuppa? Every country and culture has their own unique ways of preparing their perfect brew in the morning (or any time of the day, really) and every city has their personal favourites. This year has surely been an exciting year in Maryborough with some new exciting cafe additions to our CBD – Alowishus Delicious included.

Here’s our list of the top 5 most popular coffees in Maryborough for the year (back to front)

#5 – Iced Latte

With all the hot weather up here in sunny Queensland, it’s no surprise that the iced latte made it into the top 5. Best enjoyed ice cold, it’s sure to deliver your coffee hit in a cool, refreshing way. Now we know how Maryborough locals keep their cool when things get a little hot around here!

#4 – Long Black

In fourth place, the long black. No milk, just pure espresso goodness. A good long black always has a nice layer of crema on top. It ensures you taste all the goodness that’s been brewed into this delicious cup of coffee. The long black, sometimes called Americano, has always been – and probably always will be – a favourite on any coffee menu.

#3 – Latte

In third place comes the Caffe Latte, or more commonly just called “Latte”. It’s the perfect bevvy for those who like it a little more frothy, but not too frothy. It’s also the perfect choice for those who like to add a little dash of syrup to make their cup of joe, well, less average. Caramel & Hazelnut flavour were amongst the most popular choices in lattes this year.

#2 – Flat White

It was a close race. In second place and right before our top-rated Maryborough coffee comes the flat white, or “flatty”, as we like to call it. Funny enough, with neither foam nor chocolate, the flat white is pretty much the exact opposite of our top-rated coffee. It was a close race between the two and the flat white made the second place on the most-enjoyed coffee list.

And the winner is…

#1 – Cappuccino

The Cappuccino is an all-time favourite and made it to the top of best-selling coffee list in Maryborough. The extra thick layer of foam, dusted in chocolate powder makes this Italian classic the most popular choice of Maryborough locals this year.

There you have it! Maryborough’s list of most popular coffees. What’s your favourite coffee? Let us know in the comments below!

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