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At Alowishus our goal is to help the local community thrive, by encouraging business, community spirit, family connections and individual achievements.


Our goal at Alowishus is to help the local area thrive.  Not only in business, but in community spirit, family connections and individual achievements.

  • We support jobs, not the downsizing of branches and reduction of services.
  • We support employing real people, not making customers automate their own transactions so corporate giants with billion dollar profits can cut jobs.
  • We will never support people being expendable to satisfy shareholders

Let’s champion local!

In a time when everyone is talking nationally and even globally, we believe local is better.

We believe strong, productive local communities, working together are the foundation of a good positive society. Working together, we can achieve so much more than by ourselves.

We believe that work, along with the skills learned, and finances earned while working, are the gateway for people to make a life for themselves.

We believe that work should be, and is, so much more than just earning money.  We believe a business can only grow and be profitable long term by investing in its people, its customers and its suppliers.

Our people are our most valuable resource.  Growing people is rewarding. It’s not only good for  the business itself, but the community as a whole. Local business supporting the community, and then in return the community supporting local business, is a sustainable model for job security.


We create community hubs where people can engage in an inviting, comfortable and relaxed environment.  A “front porch”, so to speak. In years past houses were built with an open porch at the front and low fences.  The family porch was a place of relaxing and kicking back after a hard days work. It was a place that family and friends could casually gather, and where neighbours and passers by might stop and have a chat.  It gave opportunity for a personal interaction, whether it be brief or long. ‘The porch’ was a place that encouraged personal connection and engagement. Now days, we build our fences high and put our BBQ areas out the back where only the closest of friends are allowed to enter.  Alowishus wants to be ‘the front porch’ in our local community.

We develop and grow our team, encouraging new skills and responsibilities.  We do this using our Fun Fast & Friendly philosophy.

Networking with other businesses is key to integrating with the community and positioning ourselves as a local “icon”.

We choose to support many community and charity events in whichever way we can, whether it be via sponsorship or gifting of vouchers, creating awareness via our social channels or with the presence of our gelato cart.


Over the past 8 years, we have developed a very large product offer.  We have set our offer at a point of value which enables our customers to visit us often, if not every day.  Our offer includes everything from speciality coffee to all day breakfasts. House made gelato, cakes and slices, along with a huge selection of daily fresh Grab and Go items.  We have even developed, the My Alowishus Range and Henceforth Cold Brew.  Both are ready to go cold coffee lines.  Outside of our cafe menu, we have a comprehensive selection of catering lines, suited for events from 5-500.  Anything from small lunch meetings and baby showers, right through to multiple day expos and conferences.

What our team have to say about working at Alowishus

“Alowishus gives me the opportunity to work outside of the home doing a job I love! It pushes me beyond my perceived capabilities, allowing me to be creative and valued in a fun and social environment.” 


“Alowishus has given me multiple new skills and opportunities not only in the workplace but in life. I have seen such growth in not only myself but in our team since starting work here and it is so rewarding to watch that growth; especially in our younger staff. Alowishus has such great values that I am proud to be associated with each and every aspect of our business”


“Alowishus has become a vibrant hub not only in the city of Bundaberg but into the broader community as well. It offers the residents of Bundy a space that brings people together with its welcoming, warm and generous spirit. At Alowishus we proudly support many local businesses and organizations as well as showcasing an abundance of locally grown produce in our seasonal menus.  I am so grateful to be part of this energetic team and for the many opportunities I have been given which have helped grow me as a person and increase my awareness of this great community I live in.”


Working with Alowishus has enabled me to grow into the person I am today, a person who I am very proud of.  Personal growth is a strong value of mine and it is an amazing thing to be apart of a workplace that’s values align with your own so strongly. From years of trust & mentorship from Michael and Tracey, I have been able to build a career without limitations that has had a very positive flow on effect into my personal life.  I feel excited for the future ahead, as I continue on my Alowishus journey.


As a new member in the Alowishus team, There is so much opportunity for me to grab hold of. Already I have grown as a part of the team and as my own self outside of work. I am rewarded everyday with a positive impact on our community through our customers and am learning and growing every single hour of the day with new chances to better myself.” 


“Working at Alowishus is a daily joy, I love coming to work each and every day. The culture and environment makes me want to strive and grow. I also really enjoy being able to be a part of helping the other members in my team grow as well. The strong feeling of being a part of something bigger in the community is rewarding and to be able to be a part of a team that feels like family makes it even better” 


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